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A Monthly Magazine on India
  Authors Instructions - India Review - A Monthly Magazine on India

Authors Instructions

India Review® covers all topics related to India from diverse fields of history, politics, economy, literature, philosophy, and culture of India. Articles in India Review® are categorized as Editorial (commission-only), Opinion, Perspective, Commentary and News. The length of Perspective, Opinion and Commentary articles should be average 1000-1500 words and News articles should be 800-1000 words. India Review® also publishes insights and analysis from personal web logs of specialists in their field.

Each manuscript undergoes a general review process to ensure accuracy and style. The aim of the review process is to ensure that the article is suitable India Review® editors will treat the submitted article and all communication with the author(s) as confidential. Author(s) must also treat any communication with India Review® as confidential.

Please allow six to eight weeks for the general review process.

Please send your article by email to Editors@IndiaReview.co.uk

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